Drilling is an action to make a hole by boring from the surface to the bottom, in a defined diameter and in a defined depth. This action allows to create a well for production of water, oil and natural gas. It is originated from French language and it literally means probing by a probe. The first drilling operation was performed in China to produce salty water in B.C. 2000. When the drilling process is successful and the required source is reached, the reserves are brought to the surface through pipes. Drilling enables us to find out the geological structure of the region and the resources it potentially contains.

It is an action to bore a well in accordance with the geological structure of soil, using pneumatic means or circulating mud. This operation allows to reach the natural water resources that are found under the ground. During this process, the casing pipe is performed for the well with specific drill pipes in order to ensure that the water extracted out to the surface is clean at maximum level. A submersible pump is deployed where water is present. The next step is to extract the underground natural water with the submersible pump and water drilling.    

  • Access to the area to be drilled and ease to transport the equipment are also important factors to consider.
  • A decision is made on the type of the drilling operation as a result of the soil survey. The drilling process varies depending on whether the soil is hard or soft.  
  • The ground water must be analyzed by experts in order to start drilling in the most efficient location.  
  • After an efficient drilling process is completed, it is critical how the well is protected.
  • It must also be considered whether the operating area and the site to be drilled are prone to natural disasters. For example, conditions like landslide cause damage to the borehole.
  • Well safety should be taken into account. Necessary occupational safety precautions should be taken in and around the borehole.
  • The soil survey is the primary and critical step, which must be carefully performed by qualified persons. A soil survey that is not done properly would be a waste of all efforts and material costs.

Using city water for gardens, fields and factories is both financially expensive and unsuitable. The city water contains chlorine, which is not a suitable water for factories and fields. It is highly difficult to achieve efficiency as a result of irrigation using city water. The drilled water from the borehole is natural spring water and contain high minerals. The amount of fresh drinking water will not be reduced due to water from the water well drilling so that drinking water would not be wasted.

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