Geothermal Water Drilling Machines

Geothermal water drilling rigs are the extraction of geothermal resources to the earth by methods similar to the extraction of oil or natural gas. Before starting geothermal drilling, it is necessary to measure the carbon dioxide ratio of the soil to be drilled, electrical and magnetic studies, seismic research studies.

While drilling in geothermal wells, the protection pipe should be designed with the measurements to be made since temperature and corrosion may cause expansion and the presence of precipitating fluids will affect the drilling. In order to make geothermal drilling more efficient, cooling tower, Top Drive for the continuity of manoeuvre in jamming situations, solids separators can be used for devices such as sand and silt separator.

Geothermal Source

Geothermal resources are renewable energy sources in the form of hot water, water vapour or gas containing chemicals arising from the heat deep in the earth. Factors such as the source of heat in the earth's crust, the fluid that allows it to be transported above the ground, and the circulation of water constitute the characteristics of the geothermal resource.

It is a type of energy that works with the system of converting the hot water vapour extracted from the underground into electrical energy and then directing the cooled vapour back to the underground. Geothermal drilling is carried out in long periods of time and involves more difficulties compared to other drilling, as more rocks are tried to be drilled.

Geothermal Energy Usage Areas

  • Electricity generation
  • In central heating systems of houses, streets, greenhouses
  • Food drying
  • For health purposes in hot springs
  • In the production of chemicals and minerals
  • Mineral water consumption

Factors Affecting the Cost of Geothermal Water Drilling Rigs

The cost of geothermal drilling rigs is difficult to determine due to unplanned problems or operations during drilling. Due to the fact that the rocks are harder and more abundant, the number of drills used is higher, additional mud and cement costs, the drilling rig has a larger diameter, which can cause 2-3 times the cost of normal oil well costs.